Hello, I’m Steve Williams, CEO of Pasinex Resources. And I’m here broadcasting to you because I really think it be part of a CEO’s role is to communicate transparency with investors and shareholders so, we’re starting that process right here.

Let me tell you what Pasinex is doing, our vision and what we’re doing. Our vision is rooted in three things: base metals and a specific focus in zinc. The reason we’re focused in zinc is we think zinc is a metal that’s really going to move in terms of price in the next two to three years. There’s a lot of closures of zinc mines in the world and so we’re expecting that the zinc price this year and next year is gonna go up significantly, so we’re building zinc to take advantage that.

Second thing, is we’re focused on exploration and mining in Turkey. The reason for Turkey, great geology, highly faltered, lots of mountains, and so, great opportunity for exploration. Also, Turkey, you can do business. You can build a mine in Turkey, you can get it permitted, you can get community support, it’s a country rooted in mining, supports mining. So, that’s why we’re in business in Turkey.

The third thing that we we’re rooted in our pillar of our vision is to be a mining company. We’re not just trying to be an exploration company, we’re going the full mile. Our aim is to build a company that does mining, produces cash flow, and I really think that that’s what investors want. So, we’re rooted and being a mining company in Turkey. By having decided that we’re going to be a mining company in Turkey, it was important to us to have a local partner. You need to have a local partner who has, you know, government connections, community connections, connections with suppliers. And as soon as we got to Turkey, we went out and looking for a partner and we ended up with a Turkish part called, Akmetal.

They are well established to mining come in Turkey, they’ve got three mines, just a great partner and they really got us rolling on our zinc project in Turkey. Our zinc projects in Turkey, we’ve got two, one’s called Pinargozu, one’s called, Akkaya. Two properties, they’re just back-to-back properties.

Our priority focus at the moment is the Pinargozu property. In the Pinargozu property, we’re drilling from the surface, we’re drilling from underground. We’ve got two underground adits and we’re drilling from underground. And as of mid last year, we’ve started mining on Pinargozu, we’ve now mined over 10,000 tons of high-grade zinc, 32% zinc from the Pinargozu mine.

Our objective this year is to build our first resource on Pinargozu and issue a 43-101, probably called a three and continue with drilling both the Pinargozu and our Akkaya property next door.