Hello, and welcome to our second blog. I thought what I’d do today is take you through our zinc exploration in the south of Turkey, and where we are, why we are and where we’re going. We’re in, as I said, the south of Turkey, a province called Adana. Up the northern part of Adana in what’s called the Taurus Mountains, in a region called the Horzum region. That’s where we are.

And we’re there because that’s the zinc region. It’s predominately carbonate rocks: limestones, dolomites, those types of rocks. And in that type of rock you can often get zinc lead mineralization. And that’s what we’re seeing. This is a zinc lead mineralization area. A lot like what you might see perhaps in countries like Peru or Ireland.

And so in this part of Turkey, it’s a province of zinc mineralization. That’s why we’re there. We’re focused at the moment, we’ve got two properties, a property called Pinargozu, and a property called Akkaya. We’re focused at the moment on our Pinargozu property. Our Pinargozu property, we’ve been drilling, we’ve actually got three drills running right at the moment, and we’ll probably have the three drills running all of this year.

And we’re starting to see some very nice, high-grade zinc intercepts in our Pinargozu property. In March this year, we reported 35 meters of 37% zinc that was our best intercept, and we were very pleased with that. And since then, we’ve added more hauls with significant high-grade zinc mineralization.

So Pinargozu is coming along very nicely for us. Our objective with Pinargozu is to build a good size zinc mine by 2017, 2018, and that’s where we’re pushing, that’s why we’ve got three drill rigs running.

So Pinargozu is our primary focus, but it’s only for us, step one. It’s a critical step one. It’s going to be our first important mine, and, you know, that’s an important milestone. But for us, it is step one. You know, we’re positioned in a zinc region. We see a lot more opportunity, a lot more Pinargozus in that region, and that’s really what we’re going after, and that’s how we’re going to build a mid-tier zinc company for Pasinex.

The other important thing about Pinargozu is that we’re learning from Pinargozu. We’re learning about what drives where the zinc is in this region. We know there’s zinc there but where exactly is it? And we’re learning a lot about that from Pinargozu. So we intend to take that knowledge that we’re picking up now, and apply it, and increase our portfolio in the region that we’re positioned in and go after more zinc opportunities. That’s our big picture. That’s where we are going with Pasinex.