CSE:PSE 0.015 CAD | FRA:PNX EUR | Zinc: $1.08/lb USD


We are one of the very few pure play zinc companies in production


From our Pinargozu mine, zinc ore is direct-shipped and sold at spot prices which contribute to our $5.8 million consolidated net income in 2017.

We’ve grown our zinc portfolio with the Spur zinc property in Nevada, USA. We’ve also commenced drilling at our Akkaya zinc property in Turkey.

One of our major competitive advantages is that we sell our Zinc on spot prices.

This has proven to be an effective strategy as our profitability increases as the zinc price continues to rise due to a supply shortage as reported by the London Metal Exchange.

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  • 32% Grade Zinc in Oxides
  • 48% Grade Zinc in the Sulphides
  • Producing Mine is a New Discovery
  • 44,500 tonnes of DSO material to be sold in 2018
  • 31,000,000 lbs of Zinc Production in 2018